To ensure a successful assignment it is paramount that it’s a success for the entire family, which often times means that it’s essential that the accompanying partner also fulfils their career aspirations in their new home.

Our Partner Career Assistance program results in a more successful relocation by both reducing the stress and anxiety associated with looking for work in a new location, and materially assisting in securing the new role.

Our Partner Career Assistance program includes:

  • Working with the assignee’s partner to identify their needs, skills and goals
  • Tailoring our services to ensure they find suitable employment as quickly and effectively as possible
  • Engaging and partnering with specialised experts in resume writing, business plans, networking, interviewing and other career marketing tools and collateral.

If you’d like to learn more about how our Partner Career Assistance can assist you achieving the best outcome in the shortest timeframe, contact us to speak with a Relocation Specialist today.

Partner career assistance program image

Partner career assistance program