Our fully licensed bi-coastal dedicated real estate division delivers outstanding property management, home sale and lease management services irrespective of market conditions.

Whether sourcing and managing temporary or permanent accommodation for assignments, or any other property needs, our commitment to your success will assure you of finding (or creating) the optimum property solution every time.

Our dedicated real estate division delivers:

  • Bi-coastal teams of licensed property managers fully accountable for all outcomes
  • Exceptional real estate expertise and experience across a full suite of services
  • Enviable tenancy rates and home sale/purchase prices
  • Tailored solutions to meet your specific business, assignee and location requirements
  • Real cost savings and greater return on investment (ROI)
  • Leveraged scale, resources and infrastructure to create innovative solutions and carry costs
  • Guaranteed success as backed by our 5-star Quality Service Guarantee.

Your Real Estate Challenges

Do you need a real estate service that:

  • Has dedicated resources to effectively manage your property portfolio
  • Reduces your overall property spend
  • Is fully transparent on costs
  • Better manages your relocation policies
  • Maximises the occupancy rate of your rental properties
  • Effectively manages property sales/purchases
  • Adapts to changing property market conditions
  • Empowers you when negotiating property pricing
  • Achieves compliant and accurate invoicing and charging
  • Able to claw back bonds when assignees depart
  • Has better solutions to soaring accommodation prices?

Our Real Estate Solutions

Our real estate solutions include:

  • By engaging our accredited real estate specialists we minimise risk and maximise opportunities so that your overall costs are reduced
  • Our services are matched to your policy terms and conditions ensuring you minimise your costly exceptions by delivering a consistent program to all assignees
  • We source and manage shared housing on your behalf ensuring you maximise your occupancy rates so that you can reduce your rental expenditure
  • Our enviable reputation enables tenancy priority so that you secure the best property outcomes in all market conditions
  • We deliver tenancy compliance and best practice property management ensuring we maximise your rating as a desired tenant for best rental rates and property choice
  • Our internal systems are flexible and accurate, tailored to your individual reporting requirements so that you can accurately track and manage expenditure
  • Our invoices are coded, detailed to your specifications and inclusive of supporting documentation ensuring full transparency so that you can fully manage your budget
  • Our real estate specialists drive the shortest time frames and the best prices in home sale and purchase so that all opportunities are realised and assignees are satisfied
  • We deliver the entire property management program on your behalf allowing you to focus on your core priorities
  • We manage the entire bond process from lodgement to release so that you receive your full bond entitlement
  • We specialise in shared housing models for short term accommodation alternatives, optimising occupancy levels through our Accommodation Booking Portal so that you can reduce your rental expenditure

How We Deliver Success

Our partnership for your Real Estate Service success is underpinned by the following:

  1. We are the largest tier 1 Australian headquartered relocation and removal company, which means…
    • We provide a full suite of seamlessly integrated relocation, removal and storage services
    • Our uniquely Australian history, expertise, experience, scale, investment and focus guarantees our Australian clients, and those with Australian reach, exceptional service and delivery.
  2. We have been an industry leader for nearly 70 years, which means…
    • We have delivered millions of successful moves across Australia and abroad
    • We have successfully partnered with thousands of business customers across every industry sector in Australia and abroad
    • We have created exceptional IP, including many technological and process industry firsts within Australia and abroad
    • Our executive leadership is highly respected internationally, and either contributes to, or is across and drives early adoption of, the latest industry advances
    • Through our generations of experience, robust systems andprocesses, rigorous measure-to-manage and continuous improvement mechanisms, we maintain an independently auditable and industry enviable Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) rating
    • We have earned countless domestic and international awards and industry and client accolades for our exceptional customer
      service and delivery.
  3. We are a privately owned Australian company, which means that unlike our competitors…
    • We have the autonomy, flexibility and authority to invest in solutions for our clients and make critical decisions without the encumbrance of a large overseas corporate management structure that is beholden to its shareholders
    • We are more agile and able to immediately respond to our clients’ needs, and make decisions expeditiously
    • We have the financial strength to invest in innovative solutions to our clients’ challenges
    • Our autonomy and scale affords us considerable bargainingpower to leverage the best rates from our partner providers
    • We are not forced to use partner providers, which often are not in themselves market leaders, due to mandated by branch or franchise agreements. Rather, we are committed to partnering only with those domestic and international providers that meet our highest standards and most appropriately fulfil our clients’ needs.
  4. Our number one priority is ensuring our clients’ success, which means…
    • The core of who we are and what we do is fundamentally driven to achieve excellence in everything we do
    • We ask and we listen to what our clients need to succeed
    • Through our vast expertise, experience and resources,combined with our absolute commitment to excellence and our clients’ needs, we deliver the optimum solution to achieve their success.
  5. We are the only provider that guarantees client success through our unique 5-star Quality Service Guarantee, which delivers…

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