We have been delivering outstanding best practice Expense Management solutions for decades.  Replacing your costly or less efficient in-house payment models for our streamlined, tailored, accurate, timely, cost saving Kent solutions will improve your efficiencies and deliver a solid improvement to your bottom line.

What our best practice Expense Management solutions can do for you:

  • Pay your providers and reimburse your employees accurately and on time
  • Consolidate your expenses and invoice you once a month to improve your cash flow and free up your capital
  • Align with your accounting practices, (i.e., pay on a periodical or just-in-time basis, etc.)
  • Provide consolidated and accurate reporting per your requirements
  • Make payments in any currency in any country
  • Reduce your expense management costs and improve your bottom line.

Your Expense Management Challenges

Do you need an expense management program that:

  • Accurately captures and verifies your costs
  • Pays your providers accurately and on time
  • Correctly allocates your expenditure to your cost centres
  • Reduces the cost of paying your vendors and improves your payment history
  • Swiftly pays your just-in-time requests
  • Decreases your administrative load
  • Regularly advises you of your budget vs actual spend?

Our Expense Management Solutions

We have been delivering outstanding best practice expense management services for the past decades with efficient, accurate, cost saving solutions that demonstrate a solid improvement to your bottom line. Some of our solutions include:

  • A dedicated expense management service that ensures accurate and timely payments to your providers, maintaining your strong relationship with them
  • Capturing and coding all invoicing to your categorisation requirements, ensuring accurate allocation of costs
  • A flexible and responsive program that can make same day vendor payments, ensuring important vendor deliveries are not delayed
  • An experienced account team that can manage all admin from purchase order to payment, freeing your team’s time for more important things
  • Accurate monthly reporting on your spend and allocation, including all supporting documentation, allowing you to focus on budget management instead of on account reconciliation.

How we Deliver Success

We deliver expense management success by understanding what you need to succeed.

Select Expense Management Services

  • Purchase order management
    • Innovative processes
    • Accurate reporting
  • Payment of third party provider invoices
    • Thorough validation against purchase order
    • Accurate invoice management against policy terms and conditions
    • Timely and accurate payment
    • Single consolidated, accurately coded invoice per month to you, including  all receipts and invoices
  • Reimbursements into nominated accounts
    • Reconciliation of reimbursement request against policy entitlements
    • Payment into individual bank accounts
    • Single consolidated, accurately coded invoice per month to you, including  all receipts and invoices
  • Monthly best practice itemised reporting
    • Multi layered coding to client specifications
    • Single consolidated invoice each month
    • All back up documentation scanned and included
    • Accuracy measured by KPIs
  • Budgeting and estimates
    • Budget vs actual tracking
    • Assignment cost estimates
  • Quarterly reviews
    • Detailed reports on quarterly activity including:
      • Service overview
      • Financial overview
      • Summary of cost savings

Explore a Partnership with Us

To explore how our best practice Expense Management solutions will save you time and improve your cash flow, accuracy, capital allocation and bottom line, contact us to speak with a Relocation Specialist today.
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