Many roles require specialist expertise than can only be sourced from overseas.  Our fully compliant best practice Visa and Immigration Services can assist you with effectively managing your mobility program.

Our visa and immigration services deliver specialised outcomes that adhere to compliant business practices that safeguard your recruitment drives and sponsorship programs.

By entrusting us with all your visa and immigration requirements you can be confident that there will be no gaps as we effectively track, monitor and guide you and your assignees through the entire process.

Unlike other providers, we challenge the traditional immigration model by engaging our clients from the beginning – at the recruitment process. This ensures your candidates are both suitable and eligible for immigration, safe-guarding your sponsorship investment.

With core expertise in sponsoring overseas workers, advising on immigration compliance issues, and developing recruitment and retention strategies, our services will greatly contribute to your mobility success.

Our visa and immigration services are personalised and deliver 100% compliance through:

  • 10+ years at the forefront of Australian immigration law
  • Experienced, highly trained migration agents
  • Tailored recruitment, training and visa programmes
  • Relevant government accreditation and/or registration, (e.g.,  Migration Agents Registration Authority).

Your Visa and Immigration Challenges

Are you looking for a visa and immigration solution that:

  • Moves your people across international borders quickly and easily
  • Helps you build policies for 457 visa holders and business travellers
  • Assesses your candidates for visa suitability/eligibility before you hire them
  • Delivers frequent “just-in-time” turnaround solutions
  • Advises you on latest visa and immigration legislation affecting your mobility program?

Our Visa and Immigration Solutions

Our fully compliant best practice visa and immigration service solutions:

  • Deliver exceptional insight and compliance advice as an Australian immigration law and policy leader, assuring you of maximum opportunity and minimal risk
  • Protect your sponsorships by ensuring business obligation compliance
  • Develop recruitment and retention strategies that ensure your sponsorship investments are safeguarded
  • Leverage our reputation with the Immigration Department to deliver the best and fairest approval outcomes
  • Integrate with your recruitment strategies to assure immigration suitability/eligibility to safeguard your investment before you hire.

How we Deliver Success

We deliver visa and immigration success through:

  • Exceptional insight of an Australian immigration law/policy leader
  • Ensuring your business obligation compliance
  • Solid reputation with the Immigration Department for best outcomes
  • Partnering with you at recruitment stage for immigration suitability
  • We back all our relocation services with our 5-star Quality Service Guarantee.

Select Visa and Immigration Services

Our visa and immigration services include:

  • Visa applications (e.g., visitor, short-stay, long-stay, permanent)
  • Work permit applications
  • Sponsorship management
  • Visa terminations
  • Liaising with Department of Immigration
  • Discrete project-based immigration work
  • Updates on legislative changes
  • Liaising with partner networks in countries outside of Australia
  • Legislative advice.

Explore a Partnership with Us

If you’d like to learn more about how our Visa and Immigration Services can assist you effectively managing your mobility program, contact us to speak with a Relocation Specialist today.
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