We understand the challenges assignees and their families face when arriving in a foreign country and having to adapt to a new culture.  Learning to understand and navigate their way through cultural differences can be very stressful, especially the first few months.  Which is why our Cultural Briefing program is so successful in assisting assignees and their families assimilate into their new home culture.

Our Cultural Briefing program assists assignees and their families to:

  • Understand, respect and appreciate their new home culture
  • Effectively negotiate their way through cultural differences
  • More confidently and quickly adapt and integrate into their new community
  • Significantly reduce the challenges and stresses of assimilation.

To better prepare assignees and their families our cross cultural programs cover all facets of cultural differences.  Our program sessions are tailored to the assignee’s needs, are delivered in a flexible workshop, and incorporate a variety of learning styles applied to the information, discussions, case studies and personal experiences.

Our Cultural Briefing programs deliver the following outcomes:

Our Cultural Briefing Outcomes

Outcomes you can expect from our Cultural Briefing programs include:

  • Understanding and appreciation of local customs, practices, cultural biases and assumptions
  • Recognition tools and training on general similarities and differences
  • Interpretation of specific differences in social and work relationships
  • Expectation management tools to assist each family member, including challenges faced by children in moving and adjustment phases
  • Assistance in developing useful problem solving techniques
  • Motivational and confidence building tools to achieve both personal and business objectives.

If you’d like to learn more about how our Cultural Briefing programs can more effectively manage your bookings, contact us to speak with a Relocation Specialist today.

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Cultural briefing program