Moving across the country or globe can be a significant investment, decision, and leap of faith for all involved. To help you ensure your assignees have an optimum relocation and successful assimilation, our expert departure services make moving as smooth as possible for both assignees and their families.

An experienced relocation consultant with in-depth knowledge of the locality will work with you and your assignee to arrange and manage every aspect of the departure. We provide cost-effective support is designed to ensure streamlined outcomes, minimising disruption and stress for your employee and their family. Our experience delivers peace of mind, keeping your employees focused on work rather than on managing the logistics of moving.

Our Departure Services

Designed to make employee relocations easier and less stressful for both your HR department and your assignees, Kent’s Departure Services include:

  • Cultural Briefing
    Adapting to a new culture is a difficult, yet vital, part of a successful relocation. Our cultural briefing service supplies a comprehensive overview of the new culture, helping assignees and their families bridge the cultural gap more quickly, consequently making them feel at home in their new workplace.
  • Booking Services
    We regularly liaise with third-party suppliers of temporary accommodation, car hire, flights and more, ensuring assignees have a stress-free trip and freeing up human resource professionals from time consuming administrative tasks.
  • Removals Services
    We have provided millions of Australians with successful local, interstate and international relocations. Our removals services are the cornerstone of our success over the last 70 years—we pride ourselves on ensuring all our removals clients have complete peace of mind. Our experienced removals team seamlessly manages every aspect of your move, from our custom packing materials and special handling, to meticulous management of insurance and regulatory documents where required.
  • Visa and Immigration Services
    Our fully compliant, best practice visa and immigration services deliver specialised outcomes that adhere to compliant business practices. They are designed to safeguard your recruitment drives and sponsorship programs. We offer a single management platform for all visa requirements, and have the experience and expertise to manage inbound and outbound immigration requirements.
  • Expense Management
    As experts in corporate relocation, we know how to  create efficiencies within your relocation plan. Kent can replace your costly or less efficient in-house payment models for our streamlined, tailored, accurate, timely, cost-saving solution. This will make you more efficient and deliver a solid improvement to your bottom line. Our expense management system ensures everyone is paid on time and your accounts are in order and running smoothly.
  • Temporary Accomodation
    As experts in corporate relocation we know how to cut waste and create efficiencies within your relocation plan. Our expense management system ensures everyone is paid on time and your accounts are in order and running efficiently.