Whether you need just a few extra caring hands to help you set up your new home, or an entire team to flawlessly take care of every detail, our expert valet service ladies are is outstanding.

From cleaning and unpacking to organising and styling rooms, our experienced valet team canĀ help you effortlessly and quickly set up and settle into your new home.

Our valet services include:

  • Clean, unpack and organise kitchen, bathrooms, cupboards and closets
  • Unpack clothes into drawers, cupboards and wardrobes
  • Set up bedrooms, make the beds, etc.
  • Furnish living areas with appliances, books, ornaments, paintings, etc.
  • Arrange and set-up working areas and home office spaces
  • Prepare the emptied packing material for collection.

If you’d like to learn more about how our Valet Services can assist you in setting up and settling into your new home contact us and speak to a Relocation Specialist today.

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Kent valet services