Our decades of real estate experience and comprehensive property management expertise means you can entrust your corporate property portfolio to us, assured of best practice, full compliance, process efficiencies and cost savings. 

We offer a fully integrated service that utilises the expertise and experience of Kent’s in-house qualified real estate agents, who manage all aspects of the tenancy lifecycle. We can manage every aspect of your move from closing your current property and negotiating bond refunds on your behalf to sourcing, securing and validating the lease at your new property. We bring you positive solutions to any issue that may arise from the below services.

Our Property Management and Lease Management Solutions

The intent of this service is to provide your company and your assignees with a single point of management and accountability on all your tenanted properties. This includes properties already managed by agents and those managed privately by your company.

A manager with extensive real estate experience will manage this program in conjunction with your nominated account manager, to provide dynamic, useable information about the state and cost of the tenanted properties. Our team also specialise in Staff Housing management for the Resources and other sectors.

Before the Tenancy

Our comprehensive Pre-tenancy Property Management solutions:

  • Establish liaison and contact point for the agents
  • Ensure the lease is aligned with your company’s policy and with the Tenancies Act
  • Assist client with interpretation of Employee Residential Tenancy Agreement (between company and employee)
  • Condition Reports at the commencement and conclusion of lease
  • Payment of all monthly outgoings including initial bond, monthly rental and any other items
  • Identifying non-standard clauses and special conditions
  • Arrange key collection.

During the Tenancy

What we can do to effectively manage your Property Management needs during the tenancy:

  • Negotiating rent reduction mid-term or at lease renewal stage in accordance with market value
  • Establishing vendors on behalf of your company
  • Property maintenance coordination and reporting, including: furniture rental, utilities payments, Work Health & Safety checks, property inspections, property activations and closures, condition reports, management of third party providers (cleaning , gardening, real estate agents, maintenance)
  • Reporting on: total monthly rental per property and breakdown of costs, variation control and management, current market conditions, recommendations on closing and procuring staff houses as required by the occupancy levels, managing occupants requests and managing expectations against company policy.

After the Tenancy

Break Lease

Unless timed perfectly most renters that are relocating will have to break lease with their landlord. Kent Relocation Services offers lease break assistance to transferees in order to minimise their expenses and reduce the stress associated with landlord/ real estate agent negotiations.

Departure Service

This service goes hand in hand with the Break Lease service. Kent Relocation Services can project manage every aspect of your move including:

  • Briefing with assignee and Kent Property Manager or real estate agent
  • Guidance with end of lease requirements
  • Return keys to your real estate agent
  • Assistance with the final property condition inspection
  • Arrange vacate and carpet cleaning and rubbish removal
  • Arrange a final gardening / lawn mowing service
  • Arrange any maintenance work to ensure you get your bond returned
  • Co-ordinate utility disconnections and arrangement final payments
  • Facilitate the return of your Bond

Online Property Booking Portal

Our team also specialises in Staff Housing management for the Resources and other sectors.  Shared housing is significantly cheaper than serviced apartments and hotel accommodation, particularly in remote and mining boom hubs where accommodation is scarce and the costs can be prohibitive. Kent’s online booking portal that allows you 24/7 online access and informs you of occupancy rates in each property, allowing you to make strategic decisions about the number of rental properties you need to keep in your shared house portfolio. By having up to the minute 100% clarity on shared housing room occupancy rates you can better manage the overall cost of your property portfolio.
Furthermore, our Accommodation Booking Portal has been proven to deliver exceptional cost savings as:

  • The number of properties leased will be determined by real demand instead of by speculation on occupancy requirements.
  • Kent will manage the process from A –Z including:
    • Key management
    • Daily and weekly cleaning
    • Gardening
    • Maintenance
    • Safety audits on smoke alarms and Residual Current Devices
    • Detailed Reporting including Fringe Benefit Tax reports
    • Furniture and linen provision
    • Confirmation of booking and FAQs.

Explore a Partnership with Us

If you’d like to learn more about how our Property Management services can better optimise and more cost effectively manage your property management needs, contact us to speak with a Relocation Specialist today.
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