Our independent Housing Differential Reports deliver an objective assessment of home and host housing costs, saving you significant administration and negotiation time with your assignees.

Our analysis provides you with the tools you need to make an unbiased decision about the level of support required to assist your people when moving them from a lower cost housing market to a higher one.

How our Housing Differential Report (HDR) works:

  • Professional valuers determine the value of the property in the departure location through an assessment of the property, demographics, geography and recent sales
  • Our Real Estate division, through our on-the-ground expertise in both the departure and arrival locations, determines comparable suburbs and property prices
  • Comparing our findings with the official industry and/or government statistics, the resulting HDR delivers the dollar and percentage differentials between the departure and arrival housing costs.

If you’d like to learn more about how our Housing Differential Reports can save you valuable admin and negotiation time, contact us to speak with a Relocation Specialist today.

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Housing differential reports