Kent Rental Allowance & Key Rental Market Information for Sydney, October 2017

Rental allowance & rental market information for Sydney October 2017 image
Rental allowance & rental market information for Sydney, October 2017

Kent’s Rental Allowance Matrix for Sydney (as of October 2017) is now available for download.

Our research team have gathered the material for this matrix to ensure human resources departments have the rental market information they need to make critical employee relocation decisions. Good relocation decisions take into account the budget of the business, as well as the happiness of the assignee.

Our rent allowance data features up-to-date, relevant and most importantly, accurate information that will allow your HR department to make informed decisions on where to place employees so that they can perform to their optimum. The rental costings will also enable your company to budget accordingly, and devote the right amount of money towards employee house rent allowances.

Our matrix provides you with a wide range of data, from age demographics in particular suburbs, vacancy rates, parkland availability and price average, as well as median price breakdowns for one, two, three and four bedroom apartments.

The October 2017 rental property data shows that the popular destination of Bondi has a 4% coverage of parklands, with the highest age demographic falling between 25 and 34 years of age. Bondi has a 1.9% vacancy rate as of October 2017, with median rental prices of:

  • 1 bedroom: $520 per week
  • 2 bedrooms: $750 per week
  • 3 bedrooms: $1,200 per week
  • 4 bedrooms: $1,690 per week.

The matrix offers this depth of information on inner-city Sydney, as well as the key suburbs of Balmain, Lindfield, Castle Hill, Cremorne and Surry Hills.

This information will allow you to make instant comparisons between various suburbs, and make decisions based on variables such as demographics, vacancies and median prices. For example, if you’re relocating an assignee with a young family, the area of Lindfield, with age demographics of 0 to 14, may be more suitable than the more youthful suburbs of Bondi and Surry Hills (24 to 34 years).

You can also make price comparisons. If budget is an issue, Surry Hills offers a similar age demographic to Bondi but at a far higher rental price. A one bedroom apartment in Bondi carries a median price of $520 per week, while a one bedroom apartment in Surry Hills has a median price of $581 per week.

Our research team are scrupulous in only collecting data from the most reputable sources, such as:

  • Data released by relevant and reliable media outlets
  • Information disseminated by highly-respected institutes and organisations
  • The comparative analysis we conduct on the Sydney rental market, as well as the local knowledge we have gained after 70-years of working with Sydneysiders.

We offer this rental allowance matrix as part of our goal to deliver a premier corporate relocation service. We want to offer much more than just a pick-up and drop-off service, we want to be a resource that our clients can turn to for all their relocation needs. The matrices complement a state-of-the-art and reliable approach to relocation that has been providing our clients with stress-free and smooth relocations for over 70-years. On top of this, each of our relocation packages is back by a 5-star Quality Service Guarantee.