Kent Rental Allowance & Key Rental Market Information for Perth, October 2017

Rental allowance & rental market information for Perth October 2017 image
Rental allowance & rental market information for Perth, October 2017

Kent’s Rental Allowance Matrix for Perth (as of October 2017) is now available for download.

Employee assignments can make or break businesses, particularly if your business is trying to expand into new markets. A successful relocation is dependent on keeping the entire exercise within the proposed budget, and ensuring assignees are happy and comfortable in their new homes so they can thrive in the workplace.

Balancing the needs of the business and the needs of assignees is one of the most challenging tasks that human resources professionals will take on. To make your job easier, we’ve created this Rental Allowance Matrix. If you download a copy of this matrix, you’ll have critical rental property data on hand relating to rental market information, such as rent prices and vacancies, as well as factors that influence lifestyle such as predominant age groups and parklands in key suburbs.

Using the area of City Beach as an example, it is clear from our October 2017 rent allowance data that this popular suburb has 20 parks, accounting for almost 48% of its total area. There is a 3.2% rental property vacancy rate, and the predominant age group is 0 to 14 years.

The median rent for a City Beach property in Perth (as of October 2017) is:

  • 2 bedrooms: $510 per week
  • 3 bedrooms: $600 per week
  • 4 bedrooms: $1690 per week.

This information gives you a complete idea of City Beach and what it has to offer assignees. The predominant age group shows that it is mainly inhabited by families, that will benefit from the ample parklands. There are also no vacancies for single-room properties meaning it isn’t the ideal location for a single assignee.

The Perth Rental Allowance Matrix also offers this depth of rental market information on other key areas, including inner-city Perth, as well as Como, Nedlands, Scarborough and east and West Perth. You can then conduct comparative analysis to find a suburb that would be more suited to a young, single assignee.

For instance, Inner-city, East and West Perth all have a predominant age group of 25 to 34 and ample vacancies for single-bedroom properties, making them far better suited for a young assignee than City Beach.

By analysing the matrix, you can set your assignee up in the perfect area while still being conscious of the project’s budget. If your assignee feels at home, they will be more productive than if they are stuck in an area that doesn’t suit their lifestyle.

Our rental allowance data has been gleaned from highly-respected and reputable sources, such as:

  • Data releases of leading institutes and organisations
  • Polls and releases by relevant and prominent media outlets
  • Our comparative analysis of Perth’s rental market combined with the local knowledge we have gathered during our 70 years of operation.

Kent Relocation Services aims to offer a complete corporate relocation service. We want our clients to feel comfortable enough to allow us to take care of everything, so they can focus on setting up their assignee in their new role. The provision of this information complements our service delivery model. With Kent, you get a company that cares enough to provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions while having the resources to provide a seamless relocation, which is backed by our 5-star Quality Service Guarantee.