Worldwide ERC Launches New Online Toolkit

Kent Relocation appointed to Worldwide ERC SEA strategic advisory council image
Worldwide ERC launches new online Toolkit

Worldwide ERC has recently launched a brand new online Toolkit:

The Toolkit was created to ensure that Worldwide ERC kept up with change and embraced the digital revolution by offering a site that is responsive across desktop, tablet and smartphone technology, giving consumers a content management platform with which they can engage whenever and however they need to.

The impetus for creating the Toolkit was borne out of a desire to create something that would impact the lives of their customers in a meaningful way every single day.

“To flourish as an organisation, we must think like a for-profit business — identifying and responding to competition, adopting powerful business standards, positioning for transparency and comparison, and optimising opportunities. The difference? Our bottom line is not just about producing income, it’s about generating more resources so that we can continue to make investments in member needs,” said Peggy Smith, President and CEO of Worldwide ERC.

The Toolkit will include 10 to 12 published industry articles every month. ERC will also invite community groups, companies and individuals to engage with the creation of content which will create a truly dynamic interchange of ideas and solutions for the betterment of the global industry. We will also use feedback and data to improve and refine the Toolkit continually.

By creating this flow of information, Worldwide ERC can fulfil their ambition of providing unbiased and trusted information and resources for the relocation industry. The site will give opportunities to provide thought leadership through courses, research and certification while ensuring the industry is aware of key information or changes to policy by government.

The Toolkit also facilitates opportunities for meaningful industry connections, via events, online discussions as well as peer-to-peer benchmarking. Professional relationships can also be made via the jobs board, the directory and through sponsorships, as well as the chance to contribute to both articles and research.

Kent & Worldwide ERC

Kent Relocation Group’s General Manager of Mobility, Lisa Fink, is a member of the Worldwide ERC’s South East Asia (SEA) Strategic Advisory Council.

Serving South East Asia, as well as Australia and New Zealand, the Council provides Worldwide ERC with intelligence on industry and geographic trends, issues and developments related to global workforce mobility in South East Asia.

Additionally, the Council offers advice on the development of Worldwide ERC’s initiatives to identify and recommends appropriate content for member services and programs in the region, which enables Worldwide ERC to develop products and services that best serve the members, constituents and stakeholders in the region.

Lisa Fink advised that “The Worldwide ERC Toolkit will be an incredible resource for the entire industry. The fact that it is a dynamic collection of information is invaluable in an industry that is so influenced by global change,” Lisa said.

“It also gives industry professionals an unparalleled opportunity to make connections and share knowledge. This type of collaboration is essential for the wider industry, and it will also help Kent Relocation Group to improve our own service delivery.”

You can view a walk-through of the Toolkit here.

About Worldwide ERC

Worldwide ERC was founded in 1964 as a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to providing opportunities for education and improvement for workforce mobility professionals around the world. They have headquarters in Washington DC, as well as offices in both Shanghai and London. ERC has grown to become the leading source of knowledge and talent management in the global mobility industry, as well as a driver of innovation and success.