Tips for Assignee Relocation at Christmas this Holiday Season

Tips for assignee relocation at Christmas time this holiday season image
Tips for assignee relocation at Christmas time this holiday season

Kent Relocation Services would like to extend our warmest Season’s Greetings, and wish a happy holiday season and New Year to all of the employees that we have helped relocate this past year. We sincerely hope that you have settled into your new host location, and that your new working life has started off on the best possible note.

As an assignee during the holiday season, we understand that this can be a difficult time. The constraints of work and distance may prevent you from being with your family and loved ones. In light of this, we thought we would pass on a few ways you can bring some joy to your Christmas away from home. We encourage managers pass these on to their employees who have relocated during the holiday season.

Assignee Relocation during Christmas Time

Our tips for corporate relocation during holidays are all built on over 70 years’ worth of corporate relocation experience, and include:

  • Trying to remain flexible in the way you approach the holiday season, particularly if you are based in a country that doesn’t celebrate Christmas. If you can’t see decorations on street lamps and lights on every house, make an effort to bring Christmas into your own home by decorating
  • Find new ways to celebrate Christmas time. Many expat communities will have a range of holiday celebrations organised. Alternatively, you could set up a Christmas lunch or dinner with fellow employees
  • If you’re living in a location that celebrates Christmas, enjoy the new ways that different cultures celebrate the festive season:
    • In the United Kingdom, you can immerse yourself in the beauty of a white Christmas, and enjoy roasted chestnuts and mulled wine
    • Countries such as Italy, Germany and even Argentina celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve, to make for a whole different experience.
  • Remember, technology is your connection to Christmas back home. An assignee on relocation can use apps like Skype and FaceTime to spend face-to-face time with family and loved ones. Ensure you have Skype set up and ready to go before Christmas day. It won’t be exactly the same as being at home, but it’s the next best thing.

We hope you enjoy the holiday season while on assignment. Kent Relocation Services extends our warmest holiday greetings and hopes that the coming year is a successful and exciting period in your career.