Kent Rental Allowance & Key Rental Market Information for Brisbane, July 2018

Rental allowance & rental market information for Brisbane, July 2018 image
Rental allowance & rental market information for Brisbane, July 2018

Kent’s rental allowance and rental market information for Brisbane (as of July 2018) is now available to download.

Our Rent Allowance and Rental Property Matrix have been created to provide you, our valued clients, with the most reliable rental property data available. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that human resources departments and their employees have access to an accurate source of information regarding expected rental allowance rates. This information is invaluable when making decisions regarding assignee relocation.

To illustrate the type of data we’ve compiled, let’s have a look at the rental market information related to Inner City Brisbane. As of May 2018, Brisbane City has a rental property vacancy rate of 6%, covering an area of 3 square kilometers. The highest number of vacancies is for one bedroom and two bedroom properties and 25-34 year olds are the predominant age group.  Average rental prices, as of July 2018, were:

  • 1 Bedroom: $420 per week
  • 2 Bedroom: $560 per week
  • 3 Bedroom: $760 per week
  • 4 Bedroom: $1,350 per week

Our highly detailed Rental Allowance Matrix provides in-depth information, not only about inner City Brisbane but also its surrounding suburbs, from Milton and Highgate Hill, to Fortitude Valley and New Farm.

The rental market information we have gathered provides our clients with the type of rental property data that is imperative in making the right decision when it comes to employee housing. With our detailed, accurate rental price breakdowns and the provision of occupancy figures, you can make a housing decision that works for your employees, and is financially viable for your business.

All of our rental property data has been collated from a range of reputable sources, including intra-state real estate institutes and media releases from respected bodies and regulating organizations. We only publish this data after it has been scrupulously checked and cross-referenced. As a leader in the relocations industry and rental property management, it is our goal to provide human resources departments with the tools and information to ensure smooth employee transitions.

70 years in the relocations industry has given us the knowledge on how to conduct a smooth relocation and our commitment to researching destination locales and property markets keeps us on top of the game.  Our combination of knowledge and commitment gives your human resources department the confidence to make sound employee relocation decisions.