Kent Rental Allowance & Key Rental Market Information for Brisbane, February 2018

Rental allowance & rental market information for Brisbane, February 2018 image
Rental allowance & rental market information for Brisbane, February 2018

Kent’s Rental Allowance Matrix for Brisbane (as of February 2018) is now available for download.

With rental property price breakdowns, parklands coverage, vacancy rates and demographic data on Brisbane’s key suburbs, Kent’s matrix is a critical resource for all human resources professionals. Our rental market information is designed to provide HR departments with all the information required to make informed decisions.

The key to the matrix’s worth as a decision-making tool is in the breadth of data it provides. It allows you to match your assignee with a suburb by taking things like average age groups, vacancy rates for different property types and rental costs into account.

For example, Brisbane’s CBD has a relatively young demographic (25 to 34 years old) and many rental property vacancies in one and two-bedroom properties, making it the perfect suburb for younger professionals.

However, East Brisbane also has a predominant age group of 25 to 34 year olds, as well as high vacancy rates in one and two-bedroom properties, which are significantly cheaper to rent than those in the CBD.

This type of data enables HR professionals to place assignees in a suburb in which they will be happy, while adhering to company budget constraints.

Our rental allowance data is sourced from reputable and respectable authorities, including:

  • Data releases of leading organisations and institutes
  • Reputable media outlet polls and releases
  • The local knowledge that Kent group has amassed during our 70-year history and our own tried and tested methods of comparative analysis of rental market conditions.

The provision of this matrix is part of our continual efforts to achieve the core objective of the Kent Relocation Group – to deliver an end-to-end relocation service. For us, this service extends beyond merely relocating household goods. We provide expert assistance throughout every stage of your relocation, particularly assignee placement.

We understand that both the company and the assignee need to be looked after if the relocation is going to be successful. After 70-years in the industry, we have learnt how to balance these two parties and ensure both feels looked after. This understanding has given us the ability to deliver outstanding relocation outcomes.

We encourage HR departments and assignees alike to refer to our rental market information before making decisions about placements. The decision is a crucial one, and in many ways, the success of the entire operation is dependent on it.

We offer the entire suite of corporate relocation services, all of which are backed by a renowned 5-star Quality Service Guarantee.