Kent Relocation Group Wins Graebel Partnership Award

Kent Relocation Group is proud to announce that we were awarded the Partnership Award at the Graebel Alliance Annual Meeting.

Graebel presents its coveted Partnership Award to the supplier who has demonstrated the attributes of partnership over a significant period of time, including collaboration at multiple levels within the organisation, and with respect to both day-to-day and strategic initiatives. The Partnership Award was last awarded in 2011.

Kent’s Partnership Award also recognises the long standing and very important trading relationship that we have enjoyed with the Graebel organisation, over the last 30 years.

Over 200 companies are members of the Graebel Alliance, and it has a presence on over six continents. Needless to say, it is an honour that Kent has been publicly recognised with this mobility award by such a prestigious industry body.

It is Kent Relocation Group’s ability to create meaningful synergies on multiple levels within its client’s organisations, combined with the care and responsiveness consistently displayed by our customer service team, that make these types of mobility awards a reality.

Not only is this mobility award recognition of the dedicated service performed by every single member of our team, it is also motivation for our team to continue producing these outstanding industry results.

About the Graebel Relocation Alliance

In the early 200s, a by-invitation member consortium of 20 global moving and storage firms was brought together under The Graebel Alliance. The objective of the Alliance is to enable the moving industry’s respected company owners and executives to collaborate and share best-in-class service practices and programs. Renamed the Graebel Relocation Alliance in 2005, its membership has expanded to include leading global relocation and mobility service firms. In its fifteenth year, the Graebel Relocation Alliance member companies total 200 and are found on six continents.

The Alliance was formed by Graebel Inc, a Colorado based company that specialises in commercial office and employee relocation, mobility management and workplace and consultative services. The company is renowned as an industry leader on the back of their market intelligence research and corporate responsibility initiatives.