Tips for Relocating Your Family Internationally – Available Now

Relocating your family – International relocation tips image
Relocating your family – International relocation tips

Kent’s Tips for Relocating Your Family Internationally  are available now.

Moving abroad with your family can be a difficult proposition, especially for family members who have to say goodbye to people and places they might not want to leave. Thankfully, by following our comprehensive guide, you can make relocating your family overseas far easier and less daunting for everyone involved.

Our general international relocation advice includes:

  • Arranging an orientation visit to give you and your family a glimpse of daily life in your new destination
  • Ensure that your entire family knows what is happening throughout the relocation process; provide updates on important dates, the progress of visa applications, and when they will need to have tasks (like packing) completed
  • Other tips for moving abroad with your family include:
    • Taking some basic language training
    • Find out about working or volunteering
    • Join online discussion communities.

If you’re undertaking corporate relocation with kids, we suggest:

  • Providing opportunities for your children to keep in touch with friends and schoolmates
  • Have a lengthy discussion about what an amazing opportunity an international relocation is
  • International relocation tips for childrens schools include:
    • Undertake an in-depth school search. Once you have a short list of schools, enquire about special conditions, like enrolment bonds
    • Ensure you have copies of your children’s school or university reports
    • Ensure that your children are placed in the appropriate level and have completed any necessary assessments
    • Meet with principals and teachers, and tour schools and universities when you first arrive.

Our tips for relocating your family overseas includes a whole range of additional advice, from how to handle moving your pets, through to finding a new family home. Planning ahead is the key to a successful, stress-free relocation.

For more useful international relocation advice see Kent’s Tips for Relocating Your Family, Ultimate Moving House Checklist and Tips for Relocating Employees and Moving Abroad Checklist. These checklists are full of practical tips designed to remove the stress from relocating your family, and make moving abroad a far more enjoyable experience.