School Search – A Crucial Part of Relocating Your Family

Kent’s school services service, a crucial part of relocating your family image
Kent’s school services service, a crucial part of relocating your family

A school search service is a vital part of relocating your family, which can often be fraught with difficulties and indecision. Kent’s National Service Manager, Lisa Fink, recently spoke with The Age, about the many factors to be considered during the school relocation process, and just how important it can be; Lisa said ‘parents often request that their child’s schooling is confirmed before any other aspect of their relocation’.

Sending a child to a private school, from prep through to year 12, can be an expensive decision to make. In addition, in recent years, the competition for places at private schools has become even fiercer, making school selection an extremely difficult decision for parents, especially when combined with relocating to an unfamiliar town or city. Evidently, a school search cannot be taken lightly.

With nearly 70 years’ experience in global relocation services, Kent is adept at assisting parents with their child’s school search. We understand the significance of finding the perfect school for your children, so that your relocation is as smooth and stress-free possible, and you can start your new role 100% focused.

Often delivered as part of our extensive range of employee relocation services, our school search program can assist in a number of ways:

  • Before an employee is relocated, Kent undertakes a thorough analysis of your children’s schooling needs and expectations. This usually involves the completion of questionnaires, as well as face-to-face interviews with both you and your children
  • We can compile a shortlist of schools that match your requirements
  • We can arrange meetings and interviews with school principals and teachers to give you a chance to tour the facilities before enrolment
  • We can even assist you with application and enrolment forms.

As an expert in employee relocation services, we are completely committed to making the relocation process as simple as possible. Finding the right school is a crucial part of any relocation, which is why we take such pride in helping parents find the school that best suits their family.