Relocation Checklist and Tips – Moving Abroad Checklist Available Now

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Kent’s international relocation checklist and tips

Kent’s comprehensive relocation checklist is available now! Designed to ensure that relocating employees have all the information needed to prepare themselves for their upcoming international relocation, and to ensure a smooth start to working life abroad.

Our Relocation Checklist and Tips – Moving Abroad Checklist has been compiled on the back of 70 years of experience in international relocation services. Our service excellence in the industry has secured us the mantle of the largest tier-one Australian-headquartered relocation company. This means we understand how to streamline relocations, eradicating the stress for both HR managers and assignees alike.

In this relocating overseas checklist you will find a variety of helpful tips, including:

  • General Relocation Tips: The most important being that your Kent Client Services Coordinator should be your first point of contact for any questions leading up to your relocation. This section also outlines the importance of conducting research into your host location to gain an understanding of local customs, culture, and foods, and learn of important service providers, such as doctors, hospitals, and the Australian Embassy
  • Notifying Important Providers: We provide a detailed list of all the important service providers that you should notify of your overseas relocation, including utility services, doctors, solicitors and the Australian Taxation Office
  • Visa and Immigration: This is a must read, as your ability to collate all important documents, such as birth certificates, police clearance reports, and academic records, will be essential to the successful processing of your Visa application. For help with visa and immigration applications consult your Kent Client Service Coordinator to find out whether your visa and immigration services have been arranged by your employer
  • Moving Overseas Tips: For those last-minute, often forgotten moving tips, follow our relocation tips. With reminders like confirming all airline tickets, obtaining some local currency, ensuring all outstanding taxes have been paid, and organising pet relocation services, your international move will be stress-free
  • Home Search: To ensure your old home is ready for departure and your new home is organized for arrival, followed our home search tips. From notifying your landlord and cancelling home deliveries, through to locking in inspection dates and secure storage in your new location, we have it listed here
  • Medical Requirements: This reminds you to have your family’s vaccinations up-to-date and to organise a final-check up with your GP and dentist
  • School Search: If you have school or university-aged children, then their schooling will involve some planning. You’ll need to start the school search early, ensure you have copies of all education records, notify their current schools with plenty of time, and tour new facilities.

So, if you want a stress-free, streamlined international relocation, then don’t delay, download Kent Relocation Services International Relocation Checklist today.