Australian Events in 2017 To Consider When Relocating Overseas

One of the benefits of relocating to Australia is the incredible array of events that assignees can enjoy, and there are a lot of Australian events in 2017. A relocation is about more than just work, it’s about embracing a new lifestyle and a new culture, and with Australia’s unbeatable climate and broad cultural offerings, assignees have a lot to look forward to.

Our guide to special events in 2017 will ensure that assignees have all the information they need to immerse themselves in their new home and make the most of all the major events in Australia.  It will also allow human resources departments to improve the relocation experience for their employees by matching them up with events that cater to their personal interests.

Download the printable version at the bottom of this page and pass it on to assignees as a handy reference guide.

So, What’s Contained in Kent’s Guide to Major Events in Australia 2017?

To make finding events as easy as possible, we’ve broken the key events in 2017 down into specific regions, including states, capital cities and regional cities, like Toowoomba. We provide a list of the most important cultural events between June and December 2017, so assignees will never miss out on making the most of their relocation experience.

The events on offer are so varied that there’s something to suit everyone. For lovers of sport, there is no city in the world like Melbourne. The Melbourne Cup is one of the premier horse racing events in the world, and there’s nothing quite like the atmosphere at Flemington Racecourse on that magical day. The AFL Grand Final is the premier sporting event in spring, and the whole city comes alive as soon as the first ball is bounced.

But, there’s a whole lot more than sport on offer. The Australian beer and BBQ festival in Adelaide will tempt lovers of craft beer and perfectly cooked meat and the Chocolate Winterfest in Latrobe, Tasmania is the perfect way to indulge your inner chocoholic. That’s just a sample of what’s on offer, and no matter where you’ve been assigned you’ll be spoilt for choice – in fact, the real battle will be fitting it all in!

Kent’s Commitment to a Smooth Relocation

Kent understands how big a move a relocation is, and the provision of this calendar is just one of the ways that we try and help to make the process as smooth as possible.

Our Orientation Program, will provide assignees with a range of resources to help them settle into their new home, and allay some of the concerns and fears that are a natural part of such a big move.

Our Settling-In service provides you with a tailored relocation experience to suit the needs of your specific circumstances. Our service can include things like setting up your utility services, guiding you through opening bank accounts, linking you up with recreation activities and much, much more.

It’s all part of the Kent promise to provide assignees and human resource departments with the peace-of-mind that they deserve during a relocation process.