Australian Events 2016 – Key Events in 2016 Guide for Assignees

When it comes to relocating to Australia, among the long list of things to do, we often overlook the most enjoyable part; Australian events in 2016. Australia is a land of spectacular occasions. We’re a country where the wonderful climate meets a storied culture to produce world class, special events in 2016, and every other year.

This exclusive guide to Australian events in 2016 will keep you up to date with the key events occurring throughout Australia, enhancing your relocation experience and allowing you to fully immerse yourself within the Australian culture. Download a handy printable version of this guide at the bottom of this page.

So What’s Contained in Kent’s Guide to Major Events in Australia 2016?

The guide to key events in 2016 is broken down into sections, each pertaining to a different location. From Adelaide to Brisbane, Newcastle to Orange, Sydney to Townsville, along with all other major towns and cities in Australia. For each location, we list the most important cultural events between September 2016 and February 2017; so you’ll always be aware of what’s happening and when.

Australia is a land of many things. But there’s nothing that brings the country together quite like sport. From Melbourne’s Australian Open Tennis Major played in mid to late January, to the AFL Grand Final, Melbourne Cup Horse Racing, Boxing Day Test and more, we list all major sporting events that occur throughout the country. But sporting events aren’t for everyone, and there’s a whole lot more going on. There’s markets and national celebrations, film festivals, comedy festivals, fairs and more. For the fermented grape lovers out there, the Orange Wine Festival is bound to be high on the list of boxes to tick, whilst the famous ESK Beerfest in Launceston, Tasmania, is a pretty decent shout too! But you didn’t hear that from us, got it?

Kent’s Commitment to a Smooth Relocation

At Kent, we know that relocating for business is a big move. And whilst an Australian Events 2016 Calendar is helpful, we provide a host of wonderful relocation services to ensure a successful relocation and immersion into the Australian culture.

We provide an Orientation Program, designed to provide relocation assignees with the opportunity to get to know their prospective living area, aimed at dealing with concerns and providing peace of mind before your move.

Finally, our Settling-In service is all about tailoring our knowledge of relocation to your unique situation. From helping you take care of utilities, medical needs and opening bank accounts, to figuring out what recreational activities are available in your area—and much, much more—this service will guarantee your assignees the best possible relocation journey.