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Kent partners with SecondBite to help end food insecurity

Kent Relocation Group has partnered with SecondBite, Australia’s largest fresh food emergency relief organisation. This partnership helps us to make an impact in ending hunger, making a sustainable difference in the world and helping to reduce food waste.

In Australia, 1 in 5 people go hungry while landfill is overflowing with useable food. To address this, SecondBite has diverted over 34 million kilograms of fresh food, equating to over 69 million healthy meals across 1,200 community food programs nationally. In fact, SecondBite’s work creates over 55,000 meals every day!

Our partnership helps ensure less fortunate people receive the fresh food they need. Instead of good food going to waste, it will be packed onto Kent trucks and picked up by SecondBite for use in community food programs across Australia.

How Can I Help?

How can I help and donate? image
How can I help and donate?

All Kent clients can play a role in ending hunger by donating unused food during their move. Just keep in mind that we can only accept food that is:

  • Unopened and still completely packaged
  • Non-perishable (such as food in tins and jars)
  • Within its use-by date

To donate unused food during your next move, simply:

  • Pack your non-perishable, unopened and in-date foods into boxes
  • Affix the SecondBite stickers (provided by our friendly removalists) onto the outside of the boxes
  • One of our friendly removalists will collect the box for SecondBite.

There is an undeniable link between environmental degradation and food shortages. You can help to break this cycle by helping us donate to SecondBite. A tin of baked beans or a can of tuna means the world to someone battling with hunger daily. So, rather than throw that food into the bin, throw it into a box, and let Kent take care of the rest.

About SecondBite

SecondBite was established in 2005 by Ian and Simone Carson ‘who recognised that good food being sent to landfill while Australians were going hungry did not make sense. The organisation operates in every Australian State and Territory and it continues to lead the charge in eliminating waste and hunger.

If you want to contribute to this cause but don’t have a move coming up, you can still donate through the SecondBite website. $50 will provide 200 Australian in need with healthy meals – that’s a small contribution towards something that will have an enormous impact.

To help end food insecurity, visit: